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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean?

Cleaning your bathroom can be a tedious task. If you want to keep your bathroom clean, then you must know how to maintain it. Here are some easy tips to keep your bathroom tidy, which is no more challenging work and makes your bathroom shiny.

keep your bathroom clean

We all know that bathrooms are the most-used room in the house. You get up in the morning, and even before you exercise, you probably use that toilet first. Hence, it's only normal for people to wonder how they can keep their bathrooms clean. Keeping your bathroom clean doesn't have to be a difficult task, but it does take some work.

Just imagine a completely dirty bathroom giving you feel unclean inside out. So, what do you prefer? Having a badly-maintained bathroom can be a real turnoff for guests. That's why it's important to keep your bathroom free of clutter and dirt. But keeping your bathroom clean is essential to maintaining a healthy home environment, here are some great tips for success.

Don't Forget to Clean the Bathtub

The first step to keeping your bathroom clean is to keep it clean in the first place. Make sure you're scrubbing down your tub regularly. You can use a sponge or a brush, but always make sure you rinse and dry the tub before applying any topical solutions or cleaning products.

Use Glass Cleaner on Mirrors and Windows

You don't want to be looking at a streaky mirror when you're taking care of your hygiene, so make sure everything is spotless. Use glass cleaner on mirrors and windows before wiping them down with a dry cloth or paper towel—this will ensure that there is no residue left behind after cleaning up from your shower time.

Don't Forget to Clean the Bathtub
Keep Your Towels Dry

Keep Your Towels Dry

If you have a damp towel in the bathroom, it will start smelling moldy pretty quickly—and nobody wants that. Make sure you hang your towels up after use so they can dry thoroughly before folding them up for storage or putting them back in their drawer or closet space. It would help if you also washed them regularly (once every two weeks) to eliminate any bacteria lurking around.

Don’t keep dirty clothes

Don't leave dirty clothes lying around—put them in the hamper. If you're worried about someone walking in on you while you're changing clothes, put a towel over the top of it first so no one will know what's inside.

Clean your sink

Wipe off the inside of the sink with a clean, damp cotton cloth or a dish sponge. Attempt to remove as much trash and filth as possible. Make sure to wipe the area around the drain as well. If your sink is filthy, you may need to replace it with a new cloth. In many circumstances, it's ideal to wipe off the sink after it has dried so that you can easily remove hair, filth, and other debris. If necessary, wipe off the sink daily.

Keep clutter off the floor

Get rid of excess clutter. Clutter makes it harder to keep your bathroom clean because it prevents you from seeing all the surfaces that need cleaning. Keep clutter off the floor by storing things like shoes in an organized way or hanging them on hooks or racks if possible.

Clean your sink
Clean fixtures weekly

Clean fixtures weekly

Cleaning regularly can help prevent buildup and soap scum, which can make your bathroom appear dull. Washing fixtures with warm water and mild soap (if needed) will keep them looking shiny and bright. But try avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach because they can damage surfaces over time instead, consider a natural cleaner


Clean your bath mats

It's remarkable how disgusting the bath mats become after only a week or two. Your mats only need to be washed every couple of weeks and they look brand new. Every time you put the freshly washed mats out, it makes the bathroom appear so nice.

Keep the basket under the counter

The basket under the counter is another important tool that you need to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your bathroom cleanliness. It will help you remove dirt and debris from the floor of your bathroom so that you can easily wipe it off when needed.

Keep clean your exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is the most important tool for keeping your bathroom clean. This is because it removes all the excess water from the bathroom, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. Make sure you've got an exhaust fan that turns on automatically when you step into the shower so moisture doesn't build up inside or outside of the room. Therefore, if you want to keep your bathroom clean, you should keep this part clean as well.

Keep the basket under the counter
Take out the trash

Take out the trash

Take out the trash regularly, especially if you have pets in your home (they produce a lot of waste). When the garbage isn't overflowing, it makes your bathroom look clean. You usually do this every couple of days, first thing in the morning before you go downstairs, so you don't have to make a second trip to dump the garbage.

Keep a Squeegee in Your Shower

Even when a shower is relatively clean, mildew, water stains, and other buildup make it appear nasty. To keep it looking clean, give it a good scrubbing every couple of weeks, or save yourself the trouble and use this squeegee trick instead.

Every time we get out of the shower, we squeegee the door. To avoid water stains, make sure to wipe all of the chrome equipment with your towel before leaving. It simply takes a few minutes and makes a significant difference.

If the bathroom gets too dirty or messy for you to handle cleaning your own is hard work. We always recommend hiring a professional cleaner like Oz Cleaner once a month to give your bathroom an extra boost. Oz cleaner provides a complete range of quality bathroom cleaning services including bedroom Carpet, and tile cleaning services.

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