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Dealing with a hoarder property or need help in your hoarder cleaning? Don’t worry, we got you, we are professionals and very reasonable.

We do it all for you, removing any rubbish, cleaning & sanitizing, whatever it requires to make the home sparkling again by our hoarder & squalor cleaning service.

Hoarder Cleaning In Adelaide

Hoarder and Squalor can be difficult for some aged individuals. This is where an excessive collection of items has accumulated to the point the home has become extremely challenging to move around in and for the tenant to work effectively inside their home. This can make security issues for anyone inside the property.

The homes of hoarders are frequently very turbulent and require specific and expert cleaning administrations. That is where Oz Cleaners comes in.

As one of the fastest-growing cleaning companies in Adelaide, we can be the best option for when you need proficient hoarder cleaning or squalor cleaning administrations.

Hoarder Cleaning <span>In Adelaide</span>
Squalor Cleaning <span>In Adelaide</span>

Squalor Cleaning In Adelaide

Squalor is a level of mess and filth that represents a genuine risk to health and safety. However, not all hoarder homes are squalid. Squalor may be the outcome of neglect, deliberate sabotage by tenants or squatters, or even the housing or slaughter of animals inside the home.

While collectors generally keep specific items only and may organize or display those items, hoarders generally suffer from a severe anxiety disorder that prevents them from getting rid of possessions.

Reasons for hoarding

For several varied reasons, including mental health challenges, an elderly person can often find their home has become severely cluttered and in an unhygienic condition.

This can mean there is a large accumulation of items such as rubbish, general possessions, old food scraps, and even excrement. Living in such an environment can put the health and well-being of the home occupant at risk.

Oz Cleaners provides cleaning and decluttering services that can see the home restored to a place in which the elderly person is no longer at risk from their own personal environment in which they live. 

Reasons for hoarding
The 5 levels of hoarding

The 5 levels of hoarding

Hoarding is often classified into five levels, or stages, depending on how extreme it is. These are:

Stage 1: Homes are often considered heavily cluttered rather than symptomatic of hoarding. All rooms and areas are passable, and the house is still clean and safe.

Stage 2: Possessions are starting to take over the home. One or two rooms might be difficult to navigate, and there may be bad odors present. Mildew may be observed in the kitchen and bathroom, pet waste may be present, and there is evidence of poor housekeeping. One exit may be unusable.

Stage 3: Only one bedroom and/or bathroom is the usable and limited living area. Dust and spoiled food have accumulated, and the home has a strong odor. Clutter may be visible from outside the home.

Stage 4: Infestations of fleas and lice may be present, along with sewage backup and other unsafe conditions. Rotten food and pet damage are common.

Stage 5: This is the most severe level of hoarding. The home has rodent infestations, and the kitchen and bathroom are unusable, leading to the accumulation of human and pet excrement. Utility services might not be functional. Many areas of the home are completely inaccessible.

To get a customized quote for your hoarder or squalor cleaning:

When to have a hoarding intervention?

When to have a hoarding intervention?

If you have a friend or relative you suspect is hoarding, it’s better to address the problem sooner rather than later. However, because hoarding is a disorder and can be a symptom of other mental health problems, it’s important to approach the subject with sensitivity.

Encourage the hoarder to see a mental health professional get to the root cause of their behavior and avoid the temptation to surprise them by throwing possessions away. This is more likely to increase hoarding compulsions and make the problem worse, not better. Hoarder house cleaning is often the final step of intervention, not the first.

Why Engage a Professionals?

Sometimes, the idea of cleaning clutter around the house can just be too overwhelming. If you are stressed and continue to put off cleaning, then it may be time to reach out for help from cleaning professionals.

It is always best to use professional services when dealing with hoarding and squalor situations. It is the only way to ensure the process is completed to the highest possible standard.

Additionally, hoarding and squalor remediation is both physically and emotionally demanding tasks. Professional service providers are trained, qualified, and experienced – capable of delivering incredible results in your time of need.

Our hoarder cleaning service is specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities who may struggle with compulsive hoarding tendencies. Our professional cleaners are trained to work sensitively and discreetly to minimize discomfort or distress which is perfect for your house cleaning. We use our supplies and equipment, ensuring that our services are convenient and hassle-free.

Why Engage a Professionals?

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How do we work?

How do we work?

Our hoarding and squalor remediation services will always start with a detailed understanding of the scope of work. We speak to all available stakeholders, review photos, and attend the site to help us clearly understand what work needs to be done.

A typical hoarding and/or squalor job will see our technicians engage in a selection of the following activities:

✅ A walk-through with the site contact to determine what contents are to be removed and discarded.

✅ All negotiated furniture, fixtures, and appliances will be stripped from the house and removed for either remediation or disposal.

✅ Carpet and window furnishings will be either removed or decontaminated.

✅ Once the house has been cleared of unnecessary clutter and rubbish, we systematically clean and sterilize to remove mold, mildew, and other pathogens to return the premises to a safe, sanitary condition.

✅ An odor and/or mold remediation will be conducted, if necessary.

✅ A final walk-through is conducted with the initial site contact for sign-off.

Some important things you should know before booking our hoarder or squalor cleaning services:

  • 01

    Our team does their best to make the cleaning spotless but not guaranteed since some marks are permanent or very hard to remove, and trying too hard may cause damage, so we leave those.

  • 03

    Running hot water and electricity must be available within the property. Failure to provide these is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee or extra charge to use the generator as per our terms and conditions.

  • Some important things you should know before booking our hoarder or squalor cleaning services:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes