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Window Cleaning


Are you ready to open commercial windows and let the brightness in? So, you came to the right place.

Oz cleaner provides a sparkling window cleaning service that allows natural light to enter your business, creating a more pleasant and productive working atmosphere.

Window cleaning In Adelaide

Cleaning windows protect your workplace

When it comes to running a business, there is a lot to consider.
It's only natural that items like clean office windows be overlooked in the midst of client inquiries, employee recruiting, product supplies, sickness, holidays, payroll, marketing, complaints, and more.

Office windows, especially in high-rise buildings, are a vital feature of any office. They provide natural light, and a clean perspective, and are also appealing to the eye. The exterior of your business is the first thing customers and visitors notice when they arrive. The overall appearance of your business, from landscaping to signage and windows, has an immediate impact on how they view it.

Window cleaning <span> In Adelaide</span>
Exit Cleaning is an <span>Art</span>

If the front windows are dirty, especially a storefront window with merchandise, the first impression is frequently unpleasant, which can negatively affect sales. Keep your windows clean as a result Your customers, visitors, and employees will feel comfortable and welcome in your institution.

You want to let the light enter your office when the sun is shining. However, if your windows are dusty, you will not be getting as lighter as you should! Many studies have proven that the work environment has had an impact on employee productivity in recent years. So, don't be late to get the customer's first impressions.

 Oz cleaner gives the best professional window cleaning service in Adelaide – a must for any commercial window cleaning.

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Why need your commercial windows cleaning

It's crucial to keep your building in good shape, especially if you're renting it out. A business window cleaning will ensure that your windows are kept in good working order and that your lease requirements are met. Clean windows will last longer and look better, ultimately saving you money.

Viruses cause colds, flu, and allergies, and you might be surprised to hear that keeping your windows clean lessens the virus load in your space. When your windows are clean, they allow more light, specifically ultraviolet light, into your commercial space. This type of light disinfects your office by killing bacteria that may already be there. According to a study, commercial buildings with large windows that allow in a lot of ultraviolet light have fewer bacteria and viruses flying around. Windows cleaning protects your employer's health.

Cleaning windows on a regular basis helps the glass to age more gracefully, keeping it robust. To guarantee that the glass does not degrade before its time, it is critical to remove impurities from the window surface.

Why need your commercial windows cleaning
Why choose professional windows cleaning?

Why choose professional windows cleaning?

Did you know that glass windows are porous? Exposure to natural elements, such as rain, snow, and dust, can adversely affect the strength of your windows over time. Weakened glass windows in most commercial buildings can lead to costly cosmetic damages. Window cleaning is a difficult task that might take a long time if performed by your current personnel. Or you have chosen the wrong windows cleaning team. You may have heard the adage "you get what you pay for," but that isn't always true. The priciest services aren't always the best. What’s more, if you don't know what factors go into price-setting for commercial window washing services, you may end up paying for something your business doesn't even need. Professionals like Oz cleaner get the job done right the first time without compromising safety and by using only the best products and tools to make those windows shine.  Window washing by a professional removes grime, overspray, salt, and other particles from the glass.

 A skilled window cleaning service may completely change the appearance and feel of any commercial structure.

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Unlike others, along with our quality, we are very reasonable & affordable.

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Bad thing happens on the job; we always admit it and stay on your side.

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We never let anyone inexperienced work for our clients & that's a promise.

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Window cleaning quote system

Window cleaners provide quotes in three different methods.

  • Hourly basis
  • Property size basis and
  • Based on the number of panes you have

Our hourly basis cleaning service is affordable starting at $35 per cleaner per hour with a minimum booking of two (2) hours. If you have a one-off requirement, our hourly professional cleaning service is just right for you. We will provide professional staff and work with proper equipment.

Property size basis window cleaning services are much better for you. Its pricing depends on your space size like how many types of windows and the number of panes. It’s not possible over the phone & tries not to accept any quote online. Someone will be visiting your commercial building & give you a quote.

Window cleaning quote system
Now you may be confused, which will provide services for windows cleaning?

Finally based on the number of panes pricing it’s based on the number of windows, the number of panes, the size of the windows, and the heights. You just provide your all information from my mail including your property address, phone no, property size, heights, no. of pages, etc. We will call you if you need more information, and we'll send you an email with pricing quotes.

Now you may be confused, which will provide services for windows cleaning?

The choice is yours. We are two criteria followed for windows cleaning service.

Traditional Cleaning method:

Traditional methods involve the application of soapy water to a window which is then scrubbed clean. Professional window cleaners use microfiber cleaning sleeves fitted onto a handheld t-shaped bar.

The sleeve is then soaked in water mixed with a window cleaning solution and applied to the glass. Microfiber sleeves are specially designed for their effective removal of dirt and combined with the cleaning product this cleans the window. A squeegee is then wiped over the glass similar to a car windscreen wiper and this removes the soapy water, leaving a nice clean window. Any water runs are wiped up with a dry microfiber cloth.

It's a bit risky to clean the tall window. This time, though, we'll need paper towels or a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle or bucket, a window cleaning solution, a high-quality squeegee, harnessing/safety equipment, and a ladder. Place ladder and my harnessing gear are hooked up. Ideally, we have a friend holding the base of the ladder secure.


traditional cleaning method

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Water-fed pool system:

Water-fed pool system:

This is a pole that is used to reach the windows from the ground. We also used it for cleaning solar panels. It’s a leaderless window cleaning system. Oz cleaner is a great cleaning agent. Cleaned with a pole, a brush to scrub the windows, and a stream of water for rinsing, your windows dry spot-free. A total dissolved solids (TDS) level of 10 or less is required for window washing water. A TDS meter is a basic device with an electrical probe at the bottom that runs electricity through water and informs you how clean (or unclean) it is.

There will be no nasty watermark on your windows because we are utilizing filtered water. The procedure is risk-free, takes less time, and is superior to the old way. Some cleaners utilize a RO (Rivers Omission) water purification system, while others use a DI (De-Ionized) water purification system to filter the water. Both procedures produce the same results; it is only a matter of personal preference as to which purification method is used. Although there is some controversy, the RO - reverse omission approach is often recommended for commercial property window washing because it is faster. It can complete the task faster than a DI (De-Ionized) water purification system.

We used DI (De-Ionized) water purifying method for outside windows cleaning and the traditional method used for inside windows cleaning. We do the work with a water-fed pole up to the 3rd floor. If we go higher than this, we perform the work up to the 6th floor considering the work done, In addition, your solar panel or Skylight can be easily cleaned.

We are cleaning through brushes is perfect for and scrubbing window. Whether cleaning outdoor windows with pure water or powering through restroom floor grime, under cleaning brushes are designed for the job at hand. Make each job easier with our cleaning brushes' innovative designs and high-quality materials. Angled bristles reach corners, edges, and grout lines while ergonomic handles reduce bending and over-reaching.

water fed pool
Security Screen Window cleaning:

Both methods of cleaning can produce quality results. Many of our customers comment on the shiny sheen after using a pole-fed system. Pure water systems can reduce the hazards of cleaning by eliminating the need for tall ladders. These systems also do a better job at cleaning window frames.

To provide the following services, we charge extra:

Security Screen Window cleaning:
We won't clean your screens with a broom, vacuum cleaner brush, or any other rough brush because it could harm the powder-coating or scrub off the paint protection, so we'll use a cleaning tool instead.

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Hard water spot remover:

Hard water stains are tricky little devils that require the right technique and a lot of determination to remove. We'll apply the solution that’s best for you will depending on how bad the stains are and how long they’ve been there.

Solar panel cleaning:

Solar panels in very dirty environments saw a 25 percent drop in efficiency from atmospheric pollution alone because of their need to clean. Oz cleaner has some professional cleaners who are more capable of this work. But for this work, we charge extra.


To provide the following service we charge extra in our window cleaning service Adelaide:
Skylight cleaning:

Skylight cleaning:

On the inside surface of the skylight, we often find mold spores. We find that many customers forget to clean the insides of their skylights. We perform this task perfectly based on your skylight heights and hard work basis takes the charge extra.

A professional cleaning from Oz cleaner may also detect any potential issues with your windows, such as broken glass, wood rot, or ill-fitting window screens. Taking care of such issues early on might save you time and money in the long run.

Things we don't in our window cleaning service Adelaide:

  • Lifting heavy goods or equipment to make room for window cleaning.
  • Fly screens for higher windows cannot be opened from the inside.
  • We'll not clean any narrow space windows.
Things we don't in our window cleaning service Adelaide:
Windows cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

Windows cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

  • We will give you free service if you have any problem with window after window clearing.
  • We require either the customer or the property manager to inspect the work in the event of a cleaning complaint. While our cleaners are still on the premises, please double-check that all complaints have been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • To claim a guarantee, you need to email us within 7 calendar days with the exit report and the agent's details. Any complaint will only be accepted in writing by email with photos.

We love customers and promise to serve them with professionalism and integrity and if you choose us don't regret it.

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Know before booking our window cleaning services:

  • 01

    Our team does their best to make the cleaning spotless but not guaranteed since some marks are permanent or very hard to remove, and trying too hard may cause damages, so we leave those.

  • 03

    Running hot water and electricity must be available within the property. Failure to provide these is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee or extra charge to use the generator as per our terms and conditions.

  • 04

    It is the client’s responsibility to provide parking access to the cleaners. If there is any cost for car parking during the job, the client is responsible to pay for that.

  • Know before booking our window cleaning services:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes