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Regular Office Cleaning


Professional regular office cleaning does more than just take away the garbage and wipe the floor.
Oz cleaner is available for cleaning services at any time and for any volume of work you require. We ensure that our cleaners are equipped with cutting-edge technology so that you get the most value for money, we're ready to help 7 days a week.

Regular Office Cleaning Service in Adelaide | starts from $45/hour

A cleaner and safer place give a better workforce.

Everyone loves to stay in a clean and green environment and always dreams of a clean and dirty-free environment inside and outside your office. Because most of the day time people spend in the office. A clean workplace promotes productivity and morale while also providing a safe working environment for employees. A neat and tidy work atmosphere appeals to potential clients and, more importantly, makes them feel welcome. Recently a study found that the cleaner your office is, which increases your staff's work effort.

So, make sure your work environment is clean and free of hazards.

Regular Office Cleaning Service  <span>in Adelaide</span> | starts from $45/hour

One of the most obvious reasons for keeping an office clean is to lower the danger of sickness. Staff members are more likely to feel tense in a cluttered atmosphere. Cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis can considerably reduce the danger of illness spreading across the office. 

Giving a business office a great appearance, as well as a clean and well-organized office, makes the company appear more credible to clients which you get from oz cleaner. Leave your office regular messes to us; we'll properly take care of a very low cost.

Advantages of regular office cleaning<span> </span>

Advantages of regular office cleaning

The appearance of your office has a huge impact on the organization's overall success. Employees' physical wellness is also aided by a clean environment. While many office managers assume their building is clean, germs, filth, dust, and grime can hide and go unnoticed in a variety of areas. Regular office cleaning helps to keep viruses, bacteria, and other germs out of the workplace, resulting in fewer sick days for employees. Employees are generally motivated by a clean environment, and as a result, their performance improves. 

Maintaining a clean office environment not only gives you a more professional look but also improves customer happiness. This is the most advantageous part of any commercial office. So, don't be late again for your next chance.  Hire oz cleaner professional regular office cleaning service in Adelaide.

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Why should take a professional regular office cleaning service?

Hiring a professional cleaning company helps improve the overall cost-effectiveness of your organization. Cleaning your workplace regularly will save you money over getting deep cleaning once a year, something most people are unaware of. Cleanings regularly can help you save money in the long run and perhaps prevent serious problems from developing. Mold is expensive to clean, carpets are expensive to repair, and excessive dust wilts office furniture quickly. The use of the right tools and chemicals can also assist you to avoid damaging your furniture, equipment, or property.

A professional office cleaner has already taken trained all this matter on how to remove all bacteria, pathogens, and allergies that are less prevalent in the workplace.

Why should take a professional regular office cleaning service?
Now you worry, who gives this responsibility?

Now you worry, who gives this responsibility?

Many office cleaning firms provide a wide range of cleaning services, and with so many options, deciding which one would best meet your cleaning needs can be challenging.

Checking online reviews is the first step in finding suitable commercial cleaners because it will give you quick and easy results that will allow you to assess credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness.  Many companies give hesitate their references. If you want to learn more about the office cleaning firm, contact its current customers like Oz cleaner always provide their reference because they provide 100% satisfaction guarantee work.

Its credibility and great services will be demonstrated by its strong reputation. The cleaning company's experience and the cost is an important consideration. The organizations will supply you with all of the details of the services they offer, as well as the costs, and some may even come to your workplace to obtain the information.

Comparing other companies will help you in deciding whether the organization is genuinely reasonable or is providing poor-quality services at very cheap rates. Like Oz cleaner takes reasonable price but gives much more service. And lastly, check they have a photo id and police check.

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Reasonable Price

Unlike others, along with our quality, we are very reasonable & affordable.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Bad thing happens on the job; we always admit it and stay on your side.

Quality Staffs

We never let anyone inexperienced work for our clients & that's a promise.

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We have enough team to serve even by the same-day notice in any city we serve.

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We never give a second thought to buy the best equipment in the market.

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You have coverage with 5 million dollars insurance from us, be chilled!

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Regular office cleaning service inclusion:

Cleaning services for offices are now more important than ever. Regular office cleaning necessitates the premises being empty. However, we are aware that the property will be equipped for regular office cleaning. If there are objects in the drawers, we will clean around them or charge an additional fee to remove them before cleaning. For the space to be cleaned, we will not be liable for moving large items from the floor.



  • clean micro oven inside & out
  • clean toaster and coffee machine
  • clean Stove top, bench-top & range hood
  • clean cupboard's inside & out
  • Wipe All Surfaces
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Empty garbage bins and replace bins
  • Floor vacuum & mop


  • Applying disinfectant inside toilets and to all surfaces that come into contact with people.
  • clean inside toilets and urinals
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean basin & mirror
  • wipe any scents from the restroom.
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Pick up all trash, sweep the floor, and Empty the garbage.
  • Floor vacuum & mop
  • Inspect all areas
Office common area

Office common area

  • Clean and organize the reception area.
    Clean computer screens and dust keyboards.
  • Phones, lamps, keyboards, fax machines, copiers, staplers, and others that people touch are clean and disinfected.
  • Clean and wipe office items or furniture
  • Clean doors & door frames
  • Light fittings & switchboards
  • Clean internal windows & sills
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Floors vacuum & mop

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We charge extra for the following services in our regular office cleaning service in Adelaide:

Carpet steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning is perfect for carpets, as it is often capable of delivering results without reliance on caustic cleaning chemicals. But all offices are not using the carpets.

That's why if you need carpet cleaning service we charge extra or you book it separately.

We charge extra for the following services in our regular office cleaning service in Adelaide:

Exterior window cleaning:

Exterior windows cleaning depends on the number of windows, the number of panes, the size of the windows, and the presence of window screens and Heights. As a result, we are unable to estimate the cost of cleaning your business windows.

Because our technicians are often injured when windows fly screen open and reinstall, we ask that you keep it open for our cleaning team. The window panes with a fly screen will be skipped if this is not the case.

Exterior window cleaning:
Exterior office cleaning

Exterior office cleaning:

Pick up any rubbish or paper and place it in the trash can, empty and clean the trash cans, Sweeping, and wash the whole outside office by hose pipe. We don't use pressure washing. If you need a pressure cleaning service for your office then you can book separately.

Air conditioner vent:

Air conditioner vent cleaning based on the difficulties and cleaning requirements. When our staff arrives at your office, they will inspect your air conditioner before determining the price. As a result, we charge a premium for this service.

Blinds cleaning:

There are different types of blinds and cleaning blinds takes a lot longer and is a difficult task. That’s why we charge extra for this work.

Fridge cleaning:

We charge extra for fridge cleaning because it takes a long time to clean. Obviously, your refrigerator must be empty when we clean it.

Blinds cleaning:

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Things we don't in our regular office cleaning service Adelaide:

  • Cleaning ceilings or anything more than 3 meters high.
  • Lifting heavy items and equipment to clean underneath or inaccessible areas or corners by hand, mop, or vacuum.
  • Cleaning inside appliances if not booked as an extra service like a fridge.

Things we don't in our regular office cleaning service Adelaide:
Regular office cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

Regular office cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

We’re so confident that you’ll love Oz cleaner office cleaning service that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We will work until you are not happy you want to tell your friends about us.

  • In the event of a cleaning complaint, we require that the customer or the property manager inspect the job. Please confirm that all of your complaints have been rectified to your satisfaction while our cleaners are still on the premises.
  • To receive a guarantee, send us an email with the exit report and the agent's contact information within 7 calendar days after your purchase. Any complaint must be made in writing and accompanied by photographs through email.

We believe in our Satisfaction Guarantee because your happiness matters to us. We have been a service business serving thousands of clients over the years because we love customers and promise to serve them with professionalism and integrity.

Some of the following things you know, before you order regular office cleaning services

  • 01

    Our team does their best to make the cleaning immaculate, but we cannot promise it because some marks are permanent or extremely difficult to remove, and attempting to remove them too hard may cause damage, so we leave them. 

  • 03

    Running hot water and electricity must be available within the property. Failure to provide these is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee or extra charge to use the generator as per our terms and conditions.

  • 04

    It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the cleaners have parking. If there is a charge for parking while the job is being done, the client is responsible for paying it.

  • Some of the following things you know, before you order regular office cleaning services
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes