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End of Lease Cleaning


Leaving home? And worried about getting back your bond 100%? Don’t worry, we got you, we are professionals and very reasonable.

Doesn't matter how picky a real estate agent you got, with our moving out cleaning we provide a 100% bond back guarantee. Our professional teams are ready to help, 7 days a week.

Bond Cleaning In Adelaide with bond back guarantee

We work relentlessly to get your bond back and provide ultimate cleaning.

As an end of lease cleaning service provider in Adelaide, we are not the best but do our best to make moving out stress-free and you get your 100% bond back.

At the same time, we are very reasonable than many other competitors in the market with a great after sells service.

Our clients love us and do marketing for us to their friends and families. That's what we consider our asset. Please have a look at our google reviews.

We make moving out a less stressful affair for you with real estate agents through our professional exit cleaning services, and that's our promise. Our thorough cleaning will ensure that the property is good enough for you to get 100% bond money back as a tenant.

However, bad situations come, mistakes happen, and it's normal, correct? 

It happens with us as well. We also use to go back sometimes to a job a second time when your agent finds any issues with our cleaning services. And we do it completely free of charge.

We have a full range of cleaning equipment and experienced teams to carry out a comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning for you. You have options to choose from our tailored packages or customize one that suits your needs.

With our unstoppable desire to grow the business, we can assure you, that you will never regret choosing us.

Bond Cleaning <span>In Adelaide</span> with bond back guarantee

Why choose us

Reasonable Price

Unlike others, along with our quality, we are very reasonable & affordable.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Bad thing happens on the job; we always admit it and stay on your side.

Quality Staff

We never let anyone inexperienced work for our clients & that's a promise.

800 +
Satisfied Clients
1545 +
Jobs Done

Fast Service

We have enough team to serve even by the same-day notice in any city we serve.

Best Equipment

We never give a second thought to buy the best equipment in the market.

We Are Insured

You have coverage with 5 million dollars insurance from us, be chilled!

To get a customized quote for your end of lease cleaning:

End of lease cleaning service inclusion:

A general end-of-lease cleaning requires the property to be empty. If there are any items in the cupboards, on the floors, benchtop, etc., we will clean around those. We will not be responsible for moving any items for the space to be cleaned.



  • Oven inside & out
  • Stovetop & range hood
  • Backsplash & bench top
  • Cupboard's inside & out
  • Dishwasher inside & out
  • Wipe appliance’s exterior
  • Clean windows & sills
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Floor vacuum & mop
Bathroom & Laundry

Bathroom & Laundry

  • Wipe appliance’s exterior
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean & wipe toilet
  • Clean basin & mirror
  • Clean vanity drawers
  • Clean shower screen
  • Clean & wipe bathtub
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Floor vacuum & mop
All Rooms

All Rooms

  • Remove all internal cobwebs
  • Wipe cabinet's inside & out
  • Clean all mirrors & tracks
  • Clean doors & door frames
  • Dust & wipe all skirting boards
  • Light fittings & switchboards
  • Clean internal windows & sills
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Floors vacuum & mop
Extra Charge Applies

Extra Charge Applies

  • Window exterior cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Wall spot cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Balcony cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Property exterior cleaning

To get a customized quote for your end of lease cleaning:

To provide the following service we charge extra  in our end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide:

To provide the following service we charge extra in our end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide:

Carpet steam cleaning:

It is considered an extra service since every property doesn’t have carpets. Sometimes individuals hire carpet cleaning services with a different company, do it by themselves or it's not required.

If your carpets are in bad condition and have stains you are concerned then please book the carpet steam cleaning separately instead of booking it as an extra end-of-lease cleaning service.

Spot Cleaning from walls:

Based on the condition of the walls, the price may vary on-site. In our system, we consider the walls required some organic spot cleaning like scuff marks, insects, food marks, etc.

Balcony cleaning:

We sweep, vacuum, and mop. Also, clean the outside glasses of the sliding doors when the balcony is taken as an extra service.

Exterior window cleaning:

There are different types and different sizes of windows present on the property. We assume a price based on the number of windows you mentioned in our system.

The fly screens should be removed before we start or else, we will avoid those glasses. If you want us to remove the flyscreen or security screen, clean, and re-install them then please book our window cleaning service separately.

Exterior window cleaning:
Blinds cleaning:

Blinds cleaning:

The price may vary based on the size, type, and condition of the blinds. Please note, that we don’t clean curtains at all, but you can visit here if you require curtains cleaning.

Garage cleaning:

In garage cleaning, we sweep and vacuum the floor, remove the cobwebs, dust the walls, and clean the skirting boards only.

Exterior house cleaning:

This includes sweeping the outside area, removing cobwebs, and washing the whole outside area with a hose pipe. If you require high-pressure cleaning then, please book our high-pressure cleaning service separately.

To get a customized quote for your end of lease cleaning:

Things we don't do in our end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide:

Things we don't do in our end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide:

❌ Cleaning of ceilings, windows, and any other surfaces outside of normal reach (usually 3 meters).

❌ Cleaning of deep/permanent stains, pet messes, pet odours & heavy soiling.

❌ Washing dishes and mould, rubbish, or building material removals.

❌ Lifting heavy items, such as furniture or white goods to clean underneath or behind.

❌ Cleaning of the exterior including, walls, patios, gardens, etc if external window cleaning is not booked.

❌ Cleaning any damaged area or opening any light fittings where there are chances of damage.

Know before booking our end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide:

  • 01

    Our team does their best to make the cleaning spotless but not guaranteed since some marks are permanent or very hard to remove, and trying too hard may cause damage, so we leave those.

  • 03

    Running hot water and electricity must be available within the property. Failure to provide these is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee or extra charge to use the generator as per our terms and conditions.

  • Know before booking our end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide:
    Please note, that we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes