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Property Washing


Strata property washing is a great way to keep your strata looking its best. Our team can help you manage your building's maintenance and the property looks clean, shiny, and beautiful and will help to keep the building's appearance fresh.

Property washing In Adelaide

The result will be an immaculate and shining exterior that looks great.

Strata property washing is a process that removes any dirt, dust, or grime that could be harming your unit's exterior and keeps your strata building safe. In addition to preventing problems with neighboring units, strata property washing also helps keep your building safe and healthy by eliminating any potential hazards like mold or mildew spores that could be dangerous if not dealt with quickly enough by cleaning crews.

As a strata property manager, you will be responsible for everything that happens within your strata body. You are the final say on all matters regarding maintenance and repairs to your buildings. Strata property washing will help you bring your back to life your property. It is a great way to make your building more appealing, and healthy for tenants and is essential for you to keep your building's interior and exterior beautiful. 

Property washing <span>In Adelaide</span>
Why is important <span>strata property washing?</span>

Why is important strata property washing?

It's essential to draw people to your strata. It is important to note that strata property washing helps to maintain the quality of your building and its common areas. This means that it will be easier for you to keep up with maintenance costs and prevent any problems from occurring in the first place. With regular maintenance, you can also ensure that your building continues to look good and feel comfortable for all who live there.

Strata building soft washing is often used as a preventive step to take place within a building. Because it allows for stains and damage to be removed before they get worse. Nobody in your position has to be reminded that one of your most crucial duties entails making sure you're doing everything in your power to entice potential buyers or tenants. You probably also are aware of the significance of curb appeal in this regard. By regularly washing your strata property you can also reduce the risk of pests such as mice and cockroaches making their home in your unit.

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If they do manage to survive inside your home then they could pose an ongoing health risk to anyone living in the same area as them (including pets). Finally, strata property washing helps you save money by reducing or eliminating costly repairs or replacements later down the road when something does go wrong with your building due to age or wear & tear over time which generally leads us to our next point below.

Why you should take professionals for property washing?

As a strata property manager, it's a good idea to have your every property washed from time to time. Not only will it help keep your building looking great, but it will also help keep the other units in good condition. The longer you let things sit, the more they can begin to decay and break down. By getting your unit washed professionally, you can ensure that no matter how long you've managed your property—it will always look as good as new. Because it gives them peace of mind, many strata and building managers delegate their cleaning requirements to experts like Oz cleaners strata property washing service in Adelaide.

Why is important of strata property washing?
Why should take professional

One of the most important things that strata property washing professionals can offer to their strata managers is their thorough approach to cleaning. Their focus on detail means that every surface will be clean, no matter how big or small it may be. They will also do everything possible to ensure that the property is left in good condition for its next owners.

As well as being thorough and professional, strata property cleaning professionals are also friendly and approachable. They will take the time necessary to explain what needs to be done before any work begins so that there are no surprises at the end of each job and will save you time and money and make sure that the building stays clean and safe.

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How do we do the strata property washing process?

How do we do the strata property washing process?

The professional strata property washing process is a very important step in the life of the building. Our professional strata property washers are trained and experienced in all aspects of deep cleaning in your building. They'll also make sure that your building is correctly maintained at our times, so you can rest assured that the buildings are being cleaned regularly.

Our process of strata property washing involves the removal of organic matter such as paint, dust, and mold. The first step to getting your strata property cleaned is to talk with your building manager to discuss having your strata property washed and then your strata property is to prepare for the washing process.

The process of strata building soft washing is to clean, sanitize and deodorize a building. We are using cleaning solutions that are chemically based and disinfectant. We use the right products for your cleaning needs since they will help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that may cause illness. Property common areas will also include washing the walls with soft-pressure washing water jets that are equipped with powerful ultraviolet light bulbs to kill bacteria and germs.

We can thoroughly clean each of the buildings individually because there are multiple buildings in the strata. This means that a property manager will be able to give all of the residents nice living environments without having to worry about giving with the maintenance of properties through our strata property washing.

property washing process
To provide the following service we charge extra for our strata property washing service in Adelaide:

To provide the following service we charge extra for our strata property washing service in Adelaide:

Window cleaning:

Strata window cleaning is very important to maintaining the longevity of glass. We provide a professional window cleaning service to all strata units in Adelaide, providing a safe and effective way to ensure that each strata property's windows are clean and sparkling. We can quote for this only when our team is on-site or please discuss it with our friendly team.

Carpet steam cleaning

Common spaces in strata buildings get a lot of daily traffic, therefore regular carpet maintenance is recommended. The fact that you make an effort to keep their inside environment tidy, safe, and secure at all times will be much appreciated by your tenants. We charge extra for this service.

Gutter cleaning:

We provide a professional gutter cleaning service to all strata units in Adelaide, including those in apartments, townhouses, and flats. The gutter cleaning task is done completing take much more time that's why you book it separately for this work.

Roof cleaning:

Strata roof cleaning is a quick and inexpensive approach to significantly enhance the appearance of your strata buildings and prevent damage from impurities that slowly eat away at roofing material. We charge extra for this cleaning.

Gutter cleaning
Tile & grout cleaning:

Tile & grout cleaning:

We provide thorough cleaning of the tiles and grout used in common spaces and communal facilities for strata homes. You can be confident that your home will look clean and new once more with the help of our tile cleaning and grout cleaning services. The price depends based on the difficulties and cleaning requirements upon discussion.

High-pressure cleaning:

Our high-pressure cleaning system uses a powerful spray nozzle to thoroughly clean every surface of your home, without damaging furnishings, walls, or surfaces. Please book it separately or talk to our friendly staff about it.

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Strata property washing - satisfaction guarantee:

Strata property washing - satisfaction guarantee:

We can assist building managers in maintaining strata buildings in the best possible shape with a satisfaction guarantee. We believe in making your experience with us as satisfying, and hassle-free as possible. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

  • If you are unhappy with the result of your strata property washing, we will replace it for free.
  • You must supply us with the exit report and the agent's information within 7 calendar days to be eligible for a guarantee. Only written emails with accompanying images will be accepted for complaints.
  • We demand that the customer or the property manager inspect the job in the event of any cleaning complaint. Please check to see that any issues have been resolved to your satisfaction while our cleaners are still on the premises.

Know before booking our strata property washing services:

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    Running hot water and electricity must be available within the property. Failure to provide these is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee or extra charge to use the generator as per our terms and conditions.

  • Know before booking our strata property washing services:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes