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Window Cleaning

Maintaining clean and clear windows can be achieved with the help of strata window cleaning. Our staff comprises proficient experts who are dedicated to always producing outstanding outcomes.

We offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling options so we can meet your needs and ensure your residents are 100% happy.

Window Cleaning In Canberra

We clean and leave windows ultimate shine

We know that one of your main responsibilities as a strata manager is to offer your strata plan high-quality, reasonably priced services. Window cleaning is an essential service that needs to be taken care of on an ongoing basis.

Make sure your windows are clean because if they aren't, you increase the risk of termites and other threats. For example, wind can destroy a window if it's dirty.

People's comfort levels may be impacted by the amount of hot and cold air that is let in through the windows. The longer they remain dirty, the more they can cause problems like condensation, mold growth, and rotting woodwork.

Window Cleaning <span>In Canberra</span>
window Cleaning benefits is an <span>Art</span>

The health and safety of tenants, which are directly impacted by the state of the windows for which they engage the best window cleaners, is one way that strata managers and strata committees may make a lasting impression on the building's quality of life. This will ensure that your inhabitants feel comfortable and that no ugly windows are neglected for an extended period. A few advantages of strata window cleaning are as follows:

Keeps your windows spotless by eliminating bacteria, spores, mold, and grime from even the hardest-to-reach areas;

Gets rid of dirt-induced gray streaks on windows;

Removes yellowing caused by sunlight;

Streak-free windows will improve energy efficiency;

✅Increased sight via your window panes gives you a clearer view inside your house or structure.

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Now, why you should take our professionals for strata window cleaning

There are several reasons to work with our experts; they can handle this for you.

Our crew visits every property and cleans it all in a single day, so they don't have to worry about running out of time to accomplish the task right.

Our window cleaners have received training in safe and correct work practices. They will clean with the appropriate equipment and premium supplies, such as water-fed pole systems or squeegees, brushes, cloths, and mopheads.

Before beginning any work, they will inspect it for damage, which can help prevent any future accidents.

When they are done, they will thoroughly clean all surfaces, including mirrors and glass windows, to ensure that no debris is left behind.

If there are any cracks in your windows then they can easily fix them without causing further damage or problems later on.

You don’t have to worry about any mess because they will take care of it all while doing their job so that no trace of them remains behind after they have been done with.

Now, why you should take our professionals for strata window cleaning
How do we do our window cleaning process

How do we do our window cleaning process

There are two window cleaning methods we use. Which cleaning technique you use for your strata window cleaning is up to you.

Traditional window cleaning method

For this method, our cleaners use a dolly, squeegee, and rectangular bucket. After cleaning the windows using a window cleaning solution or an applicator that uses soapy water, we'll use a squeegee to clear any residue from the glass panes. They then clean the edges of any leftover water.

For windows that can be reached by hand, this is the only method used by professionals for both interior and exterior windows. Even we use a boom lift and a ladder to reach the upper windows to ensure the safety of the work.

Water-fed pole system

For this method, use a telescoping pole with a window-scrubbing brush on top. A line of pure de-ionized water is attached to the cleaning brush through the water fade pole, and dispensed as soapy water to scrub and purify water from the filter connected to the system.

Our Cleaners additionally employ a DI (De-Ionized) water purification system with its water-fed pole for exterior window washing from the first floor, and they use a traditional window cleaning technique for interior window cleaning.

Water fed pole system
water fed pole process:

We can reach windows up to three stories above the ground and extend the pole up to six stories due to the size of the assignment. Since we're using purified water, your windows won't have any dirty watermarks.

The process is rapid, safe, and far more successful than the traditional method. Despite a lot of disputes, De-Ionized (DI) is often recommended for the window cleaning of strata buildings since they work more quickly compared to reverse omission (RO) systems water purification systems, which may finish the task faster.

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To provide the following service we charge extra for our window cleaning service in Canbeera:

Solar panel cleaning:

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the solar panels also guarantee that your solar system operates at its best. Additionally, they must be routinely cleaned to guarantee that they continue to function well and trouble-free, particularly following significant snowfall or rain. Our team of experts can assist in cleaning your solar panels to prevent dirt buildup and eventual unusability from issues like water damage.

If you need your solar panels cleaned, though, please make a separate reservation or speak with a member of our helpful staff.

Cleaning inside high windows:

A high window inside may occasionally be out of reach for us to reach with a step ladder or by hand; this is especially common on staircases. Because it requires more work and we are unable to employ the water-fed pole technique, we charge more for deeper interior window cleaning.

To provide the following service we charge extra for our window cleaning service in Canbeera:
Security screen and fly-screen cleaning:

Security screen and fly-screen cleaning:

Security screens are a fantastic addition to any house or place of business, not only for privacy reasons. They keep the sun out of your windows and safeguard your property from trespassers. Over time, these screens may become soiled and require routine cleaning. We provide security screen cleaning services that will help them regain their original appearance and efficacy.

Shower screen cleaning:

Shower screens are a terrific way to prevent water damage to your bathroom or shower room's walls, but they occasionally require extra care. Over time, water damage to the aluminum frame results in rust and drooping or sagging of the frame. If you've previously experienced issues with this, you might want to think about hiring us for shower screen cleaning services so that we can address any issues before they worsen! Our fee is based on the difficulties and condition of your shower screens.

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Things we don't in our strata window cleaning service in Canberra:

Things we don't in our strata window cleaning service in Canberra:

❌Cleaning ceilings or surfaces higher than three meters, like windows, if previously discussed.

❌The water-fading pole system makes the outside windows inaccessible for small spaces.

❌If any higher windows have fly-screens that are not accessible from the inside.

Know before booking our strata window cleaning services:

  • 01

    When the service is scheduled to be done, the strata manager is responsible for granting access to the property. Should you be unavailable at the scheduled time, you are accountable for giving us access to the keys. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in a cancellation, postponement, or late fee.

  • 03

    It is the client's obligation to give the cleaners access to parking. The client is liable for any parking fees that may be incurred while the job is being done.

  • Know before booking our strata window cleaning services:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes