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Regular Cleaning


If you are seeking reliable strata regular cleaning services in Canberra, look no further. We know what it takes to deliver reliable service that will satisfy your strata tenants, and maintain the appearance and functionality of the buildings guaranteeing an excellent result.

Regular Cleaning In Canberra

There is always more than you expected

There is nothing better than a kept-up nicely strata property. Regular strata cleaning services ensure that your strata building and all common areas are kept secure, clean, well-maintained, and organized. They are also necessary to keep apartments in growing condition. We assist you in keeping things organized so that no one is damaged or hurts themselves while residents of the stratum are using a specific space. People will become unclean and impatient when they enter a particular area of the building if there isn't a regular strata cleaning service.

It is your responsibility as a strata property manager to make sure that there are no possible risks on your strata premises.

Regular Cleaning <span>In Canberra</span>
The importance of regular strata cleaning is due to a number of factors. <span></span>

The importance of regular strata cleaning is due to a number of factors.

  • Maintaining the health and safety of your strata, which makes sure that all of the occupants are in a comfortable and safe atmosphere, is the first and most crucial reason. This may lessen the tension that building occupants experience.
  • For strata properties in place, routine cleaning is beneficial since it allows for the early detection of building issues before they become too serious later on.
  • If you're having trouble with pests like mice, cockroaches, or ants, we can help locate their source and even offer excellent cleaning treatments to keep the infestation under control before it gets out of hand.
  • Lastly, keeping the common rooms clean regularly makes the building look cleaner and more appealing. This can draw in additional renters and raise the value of your home, so you should maintain a high standard of cleanliness when it comes to maintaining the common areas of the building orderly and neat.

Hiring regular strata professional cleaning service is always the best option

When it comes to strata maintenance, hiring a professional cleaning service regularly is always the best choice. When it comes to keeping your strata and its surroundings maintained, our professional cleaning services offer peace of mind. They are also perfect for keeping your strata looking their best, particularly in areas with high traffic and visitor numbers. Tenants, owners, and other building dwellers are all happier and in better general health as a result.

Additionally, they can assist you in keeping your property clear of any potentially dangerous items or substances that can hurt locals if they come into contact with them. This is because we have all the necessary training, experience, and equipment required to keep your strata property safe from such hazards. Our employees are also properly trained to handle any situations that may arise during their work. Professionals have better information about the characteristics and state of the building than beginners so their cleaning is more successful.

Hiring regular strata professional cleaning service is always the best option

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Hire professional

We are capable of handling any kind of task and guarantee that every surface—including nooks and crannies—is thoroughly cleaned. Our staff can save you time by eliminating a significant amount of the work. We will do everything, from vacuuming to scouring with sophisticated equipment, when you engage regular strata professional cleaning services like Oz Cleaners, saving you from having to do any work yourself. When your residents get home after a long day at work, you won't have to worry about any unpleasant surprises because they know how to keep homes tidy and dust- and dirt-free. Additionally, our staff has received training on how to clean common areas and other unwanted aspects.

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Strata regular cleaning service inclusion:

If there are any items on the floors, we will clean them around. We will not be responsible for moving any items for the space to be cleaned.

Internal common area

Internal common area

  • Remove all internal cobwebs
  • wipe all furniture
  • Dust electronics items
  • Glass doors cleaned
  • cleaning and wiping staircase handrails, doorknobs, and pictures
  • Clean doors & door frames
  • Dust & wipe all skirting boards
  • Clean internal windows & sills
  • Sweep fire stairs as needed
  • Empty & replace garbage bins and keep bin area clean
  • Floors vacuum & mop
External common area

External common area

  • Wipe appliance’s exterior
  • Upkeep of escalators, steps, and walkways
  • Garages/car park area swept
  • Mailboxes cleaned
  • Any lose rubbish removed
  • Empty and replace bin linear


  • Wipe appliance’s exterior
  • Clean & wipe toilet
  • Clean basin & mirror
  • Clean & wipe bathtub
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Empty and replace bin linear
  • Floor vacuum & mop

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To provide the following service we charge extra in our strata regular cleaning service in Canberra:

Exterior window cleaning

We clean all the windows in the apartment building, including the frames and screens. This helps make your home nicer and saves energy by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If you want this service, just talk to our friendly staff and make a reservation.

To provide the following service we charge extra in our strata regular cleaning service in Canberra:
Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning

One of the most prevalent things in apartment buildings is carpet. One of our specializations is carpet cleaning; we employ specialized tools to do the job without causing any damage or residues to the carpets. When you see how fantastic our results appear after the procedure, you'll be thrilled with them! We bill more for this kind of assistance.

Roof cleaning

We also provide a roof-cleaning service since, over time, strata roofs gather so much dirt that it is impossible to maintain clean by routinely sweeping them. Instead, we employ a unique high-pressure washing technique that gets rid of dirt from difficult-to-reach areas.

Exterior strata house washing

This service is for your entire strata complex. We will clean the exterior of your strata buildings, but there will be an additional fee. If you would like, you can schedule this service separately.

Spot Cleaning from Wall

We also offer spot-cleaning for wall areas. We give each of these spaces a thorough cleaning to restore their original appearance. Without sacrificing quality, our skilled crew offers spot cleaning services at reasonable prices.

Exterior strata house washing:

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Things we don't have in our regular cleaning service in Canberra:

  • lifting big furniture and objects so you can vacuum, mop, or clean corners and crevices that are out of reach.
  • Cleaning inside appliances if not booked as an extra service like fridge, microwave, etc.
Things we don't have in our regular cleaning service in Canberra:
Regular cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

Regular cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

If we provide regular cleaning services for a strata complex, we pledge to provide a satisfaction guarantee. Our attention to detail and superior service are things we take great pleasure in. Making your strata shine like new is our aim.

  • If you are not satisfied with your strata cleaning service, we will work with you to make it right at no cost.
  • To claim a guarantee, you need to email us within 7 calendar days with the exit report and the agent's details. Any complaint will only be accepted in writing by email with photos.
  • We need the property manager to inspect the job if there is a cleaning complaint. Please ensure that issues have been resolved to the level you desire while our cleaners are still on the property.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee means we will do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy with our service.

Know before booking our strata regular cleaning services:

  • 01

    While our crew makes every effort to ensure the cleaning is perfect, we cannot guarantee it as some stains are difficult or permanent to remove, and over-efforting may result in harm, therefore we choose to leave them.

  • 03

    The property needs to have power and running hot water. By our terms and conditions, failure to submit these may result in a cancellation/postponement fee or an additional cost to use the generator.

  • 04

    The client must give the cleaners access to parking. The client bears all liability for any parking fees incurred during the job.

  • Know before booking our strata regular cleaning services:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes