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Regular Office Cleaning


Oz Cleaner is available for cleaning services whenever you need them and for any amount of work that needs to be done. We make sure our cleaners have the newest technology available so you can receive the best value for your money, and we're available seven days a week for assistance.

Regular office cleaning In Canberra

A safer, more hygienic environment produces better workers.

Everyone enjoys being in a clean, green space, and they often daydream of having a spotless, clean atmosphere both inside and outside their place of business. since most people spend their waking hours at offices. 

Maintaining a clean workplace not only ensures that workers are safe and productive, but also boosts morale. Potential customers are drawn to a tidy workspace, but more importantly, they feel welcomed. According to a recent study, employees work harder when your office is cleaner. Thus, ensure that your workspace is tidy and risk-free.

Regular office cleaning  <span>In Canberra</span>

Reducing the risk of illness is one of the most obvious benefits of maintaining a clean office. Employee tension is more likely to arise in a congested environment. 

Daily cleaning and disinfection can significantly lower the risk of disease transmission across the business. Giving a business office a polished image and keeping it tidy and orderly gives the company more credibility in the eyes of customers, which is something you can achieve using Oz Cleaner

Give us your office's everyday trash to handle; for a very small fee, we'll handle it right.

Advantages of regular office cleaning<span> </span>

Advantages of regular office cleaning

A company's overall success is greatly influenced by the way its workplace looks. Having a clean workplace also benefits employees' physical welfare. Office managers tend to think their building is clean, but there are many places where dust, grime, bacteria, and other contaminants can hide and go undetected. Employee sick days decrease as a result of regular office cleaning, which helps keep bacteria, viruses, and other germs out of the workplace. An organized workspace typically increases employee motivation, which boosts output.   

Keeping your workspace tidy not only makes you appear more professional but also increases client satisfaction. The best feature of every commercial office is this. Thus, don't miss your next opportunity by being late.  Employ Oz Cleaner for frequent, professional office cleaning in Canberra.

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Why should take a professional regular office cleaning service?

Hiring a cleaning service with expertise increases your company's total cost-effectiveness. Most people are unaware that cleaning your workplace daily might save you money compared to getting deep cleaned once a year. Frequent cleanings will help you avoid major issues down the road and potentially save money in the long term. Excessive dust quickly wilts office furniture, mold is hard to remove, and carpet repairs are costly. Using the appropriate equipment and chemicals can also help you prevent breaking any furniture, machinery, or other property.

The removal of all bacteria, infections, and allergies that are less common in the workplace has previously been taught to a professional office cleaner.

Why should take a professional regular office cleaning service?
Now you worry, who gives this responsibility?

Now you worry, who gives this responsibility?

It can be difficult to choose the office cleaning company that will best suit your needs because there are so many of them offering a variety of cleaning services.

Finding reputable commercial cleaners starts with reading online reviews, which may provide you with quick and simple information that helps you determine reliability, authenticity, and trustworthiness.  Many businesses are hesitant to provide references. Speak with some of the company's current clients, such as Oz Cleaner, who consistently offer references due to their 100% satisfaction guarantee on services.

Its excellent reputation will attest to its legitimacy and quality of services. Experience and price are two crucial factors to take into account when hiring a cleaning service. All of the information about the services and prices that the organizations provide will be provided to you; some may even visit your place of employment to collect the necessary data.

You can determine if a company is truly reasonable or if it is offering subpar services at extremely low prices by comparing it to others. Many more services are provided for a reasonable fee, such as Oz Cleaner. Check that they have a police check and a picture ID, as a final step.

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Unlike others, along with our quality, we are very reasonable & affordable.

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Bad thing happens on the job; we always admit it and stay on your side.

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We never let anyone inexperienced work for our clients & that's a promise.

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We have enough team to serve even by the same-day notice in any city we serve.

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We never give a second thought to buy the best equipment in the market.

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You have coverage with 5 million dollars insurance from us, be chilled!

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Regular office cleaning service inclusion:

Office cleaning services are more crucial than ever. Regular cleaning of the office requires that the space be vacant. We are aware, nonetheless, that the building will have the necessary tools for routine office cleaning. If there are items in the drawers, we will either clean around them or take out the items first for an extra price. We won't be responsible for removing bulky objects off the floor so that the area can be thoroughly cleaned.



  • clean micro oven inside & out
  • clean toaster and coffee machine
  • clean cupboard's inside & out
  • clean Stove top, bench-top & range hood
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Wipe All Surfaces
  • Floor vacuum & mop
  • Empty garbage bins and replace bins


  • Applying disinfectant inside toilets and to all surfaces that come into contact with people.
  • wipe any scents from the restroom.
  • clean inside toilets and urinals
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Floor vacuum & mop
  • Polish taps & sinks
  • Clean basin & mirror
  • Pick up all trash, sweep the floor, and Empty the garbage.
  • Inspect all areas
Office common area

Office common area

  • Clean and organize the reception area.
    Clean computer screens and dust keyboards.
  • Phones, lamps, keyboards, fax machines, copiers, staplers, and others that people touch are clean and disinfected.
  • Clean and wipe office items or furniture
  • Clean doors & door frames
  • Light fittings & switchboards
  • Clean internal windows & sills
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Floors vacuum & mop

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We charge extra for the following services in our regular office cleaning service in Adelaide:

Exterior window cleaning:

Cleaning of outside windows is influenced by the quantity, size, number of panes, existence of window screens, and height of the windows. Thus, we are unable to provide an estimate for the cost of window cleaning for your company.

We kindly request that you leave the window fly screen open for our cleaning crew since our technicians frequently sustain injuries when they attempt to recreate it. If this is not the case, the window panes with fly screens will be skipped.

We charge extra for the following services in our regular office cleaning service in Adelaide:
Exterior office cleaning

Exterior office cleaning:

Empty and clean the trash cans, then gather any paper or trash and put it in there. Using a hose pipe, sweep and clean the entire outdoor office. We don't wash things under pressure. You can make a second reservation if you require pressure washing for your office.

Air conditioner vent:

Air conditioner vent cleaning according to the level of difficulty and required cleaning. Our personnel will evaluate your air conditioner when they get to your office before figuring out the cost. Consequently, we charge more for this service.

Blinds cleaning:

There are several kinds of blinds, and cleaning them is a laborious and time-consuming process. We bill more for this work because of this.

Fridge cleaning:

Because cleaning a refrigerator requires a lot of time, we charge more for this service. Of course, when we clean your refrigerator, it has to be empty.

Blinds cleaning:

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Things we don't in our regular office cleaning service Canberra:

  • cleaning everything higher than three meters, including ceilings.
  • moving heavy items and machinery for manual, mop, or vacuum cleaning of corners, understructure, and hard-to-reach places.
  • Cleaning within appliances, such as refrigerators, if not reserved as an additional service.
Things we don't in our regular office cleaning service Canberra:
Regular office cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

Regular office cleaning - satisfaction guarantee:

Oz Cleaner Office Cleaning Service is so sure you'll enjoy it that we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We'll keep working until you're so unhappy that you want to refer us to your friends.

  • We demand that the client or the property manager inspect the work in the event of a cleaning complaint. While our cleaners are still on the property, please ensure that all of your complaints have been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Within seven calendar days following your purchase, submit us the exit report and the agent's contact details to receive a guarantee. Any grievance must be submitted via email with supporting documentation in the form of written images.

We take pride in our Satisfaction Guarantee because we want you to be happy. Because we adore consumers and swear to serve them with expertise and integrity, we have been in business for many years, providing services to thousands of clients.

Some of the following things you know, before you order regular office cleaning services

  • 01

    While our staff works hard to ensure the cleaning is spotless, we are unable to guarantee it because some stains are irreversible or very challenging to get rid of, and trying to remove them too forcefully could result in harm, so we choose to leave them in place. 

  • 03

    There must be electricity and running hot water on the property. According to our terms and regulations, if you don't give these, you risk paying an additional fee to use the generator or being charged for cancellation or postponement.

  • 04

    It is the client's duty to guarantee parking for the cleaners. The client has the responsibility of covering any parking fees that may apply during the completion of the job.

  • Some of the following things you know, before you order regular office cleaning services
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes