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How to clean your cooker extractor fan?

Your cooker extractor fan is a vital part of your kitchen but it can also get moldy over time and start to smell. Fortunately, cleaning this part of your cooker is a simple process that anyone can do.

Expert Tips for Cleaning Your Cooker Extractor Fan Quickly and Easily

Your cooker extractor fan is a crucial part of the entire process of designing your home. It keeps your home warm, but also protects the flow of air around your house. Whether in your kitchen or even older home, cooking is done on a mostly dirty and grease-covered extractor fan. The reason for this could be that it is seldom used by the family or just because it's not worth cleaning. It makes your kitchen look after its health and the environment. Another important reason for it is the fact that the household does not have any resources to clean the cooker extractor fan properly.Just as carpets get dirtier with regular use and need carpet cleaning, extractor fans also require regular maintenance. And, if someone wants to clean the cooker extractor fan manually then it would take hours as well as a lot of effort. Regular cleaning of your house cooker extractor fan can ensure a good smell in the kitchen.

Have you ever wondered how to clean your extractor fan? Well, there are different ways. You can make use of the electric cleaner, or use some household materials. Considering that these fans are being used in every kitchen across the nation, it would be helpful if you read this post and know how to clean your extractor fan effectively with the help of some common household items.

Turn off the power

Unplug the extractor fan before you start cleaning your cooker extractor fan, make sure that it’s unplugged from its power source to avoid any accidents. You should also take extra care when handling the fan and make sure that it’s switched off before you clean it.

Remove the grille

In order to properly clean your cooker-extractor fan, you need to first remove its grille. This part can be easily removed by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place or by using a flat-head screwdriver if needed. It’s important to remember that you must keep track of where all the pieces are for easy reassembly later on.

Dust away dirt and debris

Once the grille is removed from the cooker-extractor fan, use a soft brush or cloth to dust away any dirt or debris around both sides of the device's blades and exterior frame. Make sure to not use too much force while clearing away these particles as this may damage some parts of your extractor fan.

Clean with warm soapy water

After brushing away stubborn dirt, create a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap; this combination will help you break down any grease or buildup within your extractor fan's grille more efficiently without damaging any components inside it. Use a cloth dampened with this combination to wipe away oil, fat, smoke residue, and other stains from both sides of your extractor fan carefully not to bend them out of shape in the process.

Sterilize/Disinfect Components

To get rid of any bacteria or mold that might be lurking around your cooker extractor fan, you can spray a mixture of white vinegar and water onto affected areas then let sit for 15 minutes before wiping up with a clean.

Rinse off with clean water

Once all visible stains have been taken off with dish soap, rinse off both sides of the cooker-extractor fan with cold water to get rid of excessive soap residues left behind before drying them completely with an absorbent cloth afterward as leaving moisture in its blades may cause corrosion over time if unattended.

Reassemble and Test Your Cooker Extractor Fan

Once everything has been scrubbed clean and sterilized/disinfected, you can reassemble all parts back together following the manufacturer’s instructions if necessary before testing it out to ensure smooth operation without any odd smells or noises coming from your appliance while in use.

Next, use some rubbing alcohol or acetone on a paper towel or cloth and wipe down all of the surfaces inside your cooker extractor fan unit until they are spotlessly clean. Once they have been cleaned by placing back each piece in its original place tightly followed up by replacing its grille securely and plugging back into its power source afterward.

Regularly deep clean your extractor Fan

Finally, ensure regular deep cleaning of your cooker-extractor fan every six months or so; this will help you prolong significantly its durability and follow food safety regulations set by the government properly.

By following the simple steps above, you will be able to get your cooker extractor fan looking like new in no time. Just remember to turn off the power first, and to be careful when handling the grate.

Expert Tips for Cleaning Your Cooker Extractor Fan Quickly and Easily