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Tile & Grout Cleaning


To keep your tile and grout looking beautiful for a long time, we've arrived. The most popular option among our tile and grout cleaning services is steam cleaning, which removes stains and color from deep inside the grout.

We are committed to keeping your house healthy, fresh, and attractive. Our professional tiles and grout cleaners provide fantastic service with customers' 100% satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Tile and grout cleaning In Adelaide

Look for the result, not the time spent

Have you ever thought about why the grout line is becoming dirty and turning black day by day?

Why is the tile color becoming shady day by day? Though you are cleaning your tile and grout area whenever it is becoming dirty!

The reason is, when you vacuum your floors, it sucks most of the dry darts but not the wet materials, depending on the vacuum cleaner you use.

Then when you mop the floor, some dirty water gets stuck between the grout line. And, of course, some remain on top of the tile as well.

On running your finger along a grout line, you may feel greasy. It is because of constant mopping or conventional cleaning. It tends to loosen the dirt, move it around, and deposit it in the grout lines.

Tile and grout cleaning <span>In Adelaide</span>
How do we clean your tile and grout?

How do we clean your tile and grout?

Tile and grout cleaning should be done regularly to enjoy the healthy new look again and again like your steam cleaned carpet. First, we spray our specialized tile and grout cleaning solution on your tiled floor. Then wait for 15-20 minutes to break the darts on the tile and grout to make it easier to clean.

After that, we bring our internal high-pressure cleaning machine, attached with a vacuum, leaving no mess on the floors and bringing the best result in one go. It is specially designed for tile & grout cleaning.

When the rotary pressure washing nozzle loosens the darts from tile and grout, the vacuum surrounding it sucks the dirty water from the floor. The rotary machine moves and your sparkling clean tiled floor comes in front.

Once the machine starts, the job is easy and quick. But it requires experience and knowledge to prepare the floor before using the tile and grout cleaning machine. Otherwise, the job can be a nightmare to get a cleaned floor again, like new.

Some people do the tile & grout cleaning manually due to a lack of specialized equipment and initial investment. They do the job manually scrubbing your tile and grout spending hours cleaning it but still the outcome is not as good as the machine does.

It works but cannot give a sparkling result as a tile and grout cleaning machine does. Also, this process can leave a big mess on your carpet and other floor areas.

Then you may have to call the carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpet again. As per our experience, you should always go for the option with a machine.

Our team at Oz Cleaners never goes for the manual method since we have modern equipment to do your job and provide you with a shiny floor.

How do we clean your tile and grout?

To get a customized quote for your tile & grout cleaning:

Prepare your home before tile and grout cleaning

Prepare your home before tile and grout cleaning

Follow the simple steps

We divided the preparation for stone, tile, or grout cleaning into six easy steps. Follow the steps below to ensure your house is ready for the tile and grout cleaning service.

Step 1: Remove any clutter that blocks your tiles and grout. Our team will perform better with fewer items blocking the desired cleaning area.

Step 2: Remove any rugs, mats, and other floor coverings. Set any floor coverings aside so that our technicians have clear access to the floor.

Step 3: Move furniture out of the way. If you have kitchen tables, chairs, and barstools over the area being cleaned, move these out of the way to a safe location.

Step 4: Sweep the area. It does not need to be anything more than a quick sweep to remove dust, loose dirt, and pieces of food. 
Step 5: Provide a clear path. Our technician will need ready access to transport the equipment from the van to the area needing cleaning.

Step 6: Prepare your pets. A new person in your house, particularly someone bringing new equipment and new smells, can potentially irritate your pets.
Oz Cleaners carries out full-spectrum cleaning services with specialized care. With more than a decade of combined experience, we are fully updated with the latest cleaning equipment and agents.

Prepare your home before tile and grout cleaning

To get a customized quote for your tile & grout cleaning:

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Beside our regular tile & grout cleaning service in Adelaide

Beside our regular tile & grout cleaning service in Adelaide

We provide the following services to:

Grout sealing:

Sealing your tiles helps prevent & reduce staining by keeping most stains suspended at the surface. It creates a barrier against chemical attack, deterioration, and contamination. It is the first important step towards protecting your investment against stains.


Tile regrouting:

Tiles can often be in excellent condition, but the grout may have become deteriorated or been damaged. It leaves entire areas looking dull and shabby.

Tile regrouting will dramatically improve the appearance of any tiled area that has endured years of wear and tear. From showers to bathrooms, kitchen spills to tiled flooring and walls, and think of your other tiled areas too.


Swimming pool tile cleaning:

For external areas such as balcony, porch, or poolside tile cleaning we can use the same internal tile and grout cleaning machine. So those areas can be added as an extra to our regular tile and grout cleaning services. It can eliminate the hazards associated with a slippery surface too.

Kitchen Benchtop Cleaning:

Your kitchen benchtop is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, so daily cleaning is a must! But don't just reach for the Spray and Wipe, certain benchtops can benefit from a more customized cleaning method like using a high-pressure tile and grout cleaning machine with hot water.


Beside our regular tile & grout cleaning service in Adelaide

To get a customized quote for your tile & grout cleaning:

Things we do not do as standard in tile and grout cleaning Adelaide:

Things we do not do as standard in tile and grout cleaning Adelaide:

❌ Lifting heavy items and furniture to clean underneath.

❌ Areas not accessible - such as under the bed, fridge, or couch.

❌ Removing stains from heavy use & grout absorbed the dirt for no sealing.

With our unstoppable desire to grow the business, we can assure you, for one thing, you will never regret choosing us because we are not the best but we do our best to provide you with the best.

Know before booking our tile and grout cleaning services in Adelaide:

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    The customer is to provide access to the property when the service is due to be performed. If not available at the appointed time, then responsible for providing us access to the keys. Failure to do so is subject to a cancellation/postponement/late fee as per our terms and conditions.

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    It is the client’s responsibility to provide parking access to the cleaners. If there is any cost for car parking during the job, the client is responsible to pay for that.

  • Know before booking our tile and grout cleaning services in Adelaide:
    Please note, we will take before and after photos of the above items for comparison and quality control purposes