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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Oz Cleaners is a frontline company with over a decade of combined experience in providing End of Lease cleaning services in Adelaide.


We are a friendly yet thoroughly professional company that will clean your carpet of stubborn stains restoring its true colour.  Our speciality lies in using latest steam cleaning equipment coupled with environment-friendly and non-toxic carpet cleaning agents for the perfect outcome.


While regular vacuuming helps remove loose dust and dirt particles from the carpet, only steam cleaning can remove the deeply logged grime and improve the air-quality of your home. Professional deep cleaning of carpets not just brings back its original looks but it also helps prolong its lifespan. You have the dwell benefit of using a good carpet for longer time while also maintaining the best environments for your family’s health.


Why choose Oz Cleaners for your carpet steam cleaning?


ü  Using of professional equipment & trained staff for your carpet steam cleaning

ü  We are affordable and reliable with great after sales customer service

ü  We provide impeccable cleaning services with satisfaction guarantee in our service area

ü  We are able to provide customized cleaning packages too, just contact us

ü We are available at you service anytime you want, seven days in a week, 24/7

Carpet steam cleaning service inclusion

Most professionals will recommend that you deep clean your carpet, preferably steam clean it at least once a year apart from routine cleaning. This is more important when you have pets, children and family members who are allergic to environmental conditions. Presence of mould and mildews posses a big problem for such homes and our professional carpet steam cleaning does everything to minimize harmful effects.

Our powerful steam carpet cleaning helps remove dust, dirt and allergens from it. These include:

ü  We use non-toxic cleaning agents for carpet steam cleaning

ü  We remove all types of stains from your carpet

ü  We remove traffic lanes from your carpet

ü  We help extend your carpet’s lifespan

ü  We make your home more inviting

To provide the following service we charge extra in our Carpet steam cleaning services:

Living area: Size of the living area is always different compare to others. That’s why our price is different for living area than the bedrooms and sometime even some house doesn’t have the carpet in living area.

Study room: Every property doesn’t have a study room separate or sometime it is attached with the living area. That’s why we cannot charge for study room carpet cleaning in general. Only those people will pay for this that needs to be cleaned.

Stairs: We charge separate for extra since it is the toughest part in the carpet steam cleaning job. It requires different equipment with a lot extra effort, almost 3 times extra time for the same area in a flat area it requires.

Rugs: Based on the size and dirtiness we charge extra for rugs. Sometime we bring it with us for a special cleaning which requires a specific set-up for the best outcome.

Mattress: Cleaning process of mattress is also different than any other upholstery like rugs. Sometime we require to bring the mattress in our place to give it like new look.

Couch: It’s always better to clean your couch regularly for a long lasting life and odor free clean look. Cleaning charge for couch depends on the seating capacity.

Arm Chair: This one is also like the couch but we kept it separate because of the extra effort arm chair cleaning requires than a couch or sofa cleaning.

Dining Chair: Sometime we need to clean our dining chair while it has cushion on it. Not everyone can give the solution but we have the capability to clean your dining chair to remove all darts and food marks from it.

Car Seats Cleaning: If you take your car for a deep cleaning to a car wash, absolutely they can do it. However, most of the time they cannot clean your car seats properly due to lack of expertise. Since we do all kind of upholstery cleaning so it’s an easy job for us and affordable as well than a car wash company.

Things we don't do as standard in carpet steam cleaning

  • Lifting heavy items and furniture to clean the underneath
  • Areas not accessible - such as inside a cupboard
  • Cleaning bottom side of any upholstery

Carpet steam cleaning - Satisfaction guarantee

  • Our guarantee means that we will return free of charge to rectify any issues the agent or customer has with our cleaning provided they are on our standard checklist.
  • To claim this guarantee you need to email us within 72 hours (not including weekends or public holidays) with the exit report and the agents details. This will only be accepted in writing by email.
  • No exceptions to the 72 hour condition unless discussed with us by email (in writing) before the clean has taken place.
  • In case of any complaints regarding cleaning, customer has to provide a notice of at least 72 hours to fix the cleaning complaint.
  • In the case of any cleaning complaint, we require either the customer him/herself or the property manager to check the work while our cleaners are still present on the property in order to make sure complaint has been fixed to their standard.

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