End of Lease Cleaning

The most common dispute between the landlords and tenants happens because of end of lease cleaning. According to the lease agreement, a tenant has to return the property in the same condition ( i.e. neat, clean and damage-free) otherwise they could lose their bond amount.

Being a tenant, it is your prime responsibility to get the leased property cleaned professionally before the property inspection. No matter how good are you in prepping activities, hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast is essential for ensuring flawless cleaning process with 100 % bond money back guarantee.

We, at Ultimate Cleaner, understand the need for specialized experts to clean the mess after you leave the house and that’s why we are confident enough to give you the 100% bond back guaranteed End of Lease Cleaning services.

If you want a thorough end of lease cleaning, you will need to opt for the best cleaning company who has years of experience in vacant cleaning. The cleaning process of dedicated professionals has all the potential to meet your specific cleaning goals in a breeze. They can offer you deep cleaning and sanitising service including the vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning, removing dust and grime from the furniture and all the other areas of a property. Plus, they use non-toxic cleaning products to disinfect your kitchen counterparts and bathroom area.

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